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Recent Sermon Recordings

At Christmas we celebrate the birth of the Lord into our world, as a Divine Human with whom we can have a real, direct relationship. In the Holy Supper, we also celebrate the closeness of the Lord, not just nearby but within us. Both events, the incarnation of the Lord 2000 years ago and partaking of Holy Supper in the present day, speak to the Lord’s tangible presence in our lives.

Sun, Nov 26, 2023
Source: New Church Westville Podcast

The life of David is one of courage and trust in the Lord. Yet even David, as king, fell away from the right path. It turns out that heroes can never quite live up to our hopes and expectations. The same is true of life: we build up hopes and expectations, but then feel let down when they don’t turn out. The Lord, however is different: He will never let us down; His promises always come to pass, and they turn out to exceed our hopes and expectations.

Sun, Nov 19, 2023
Source: New Church Westville Podcast

Life seems to be full of complicated choices, and the world we live in can often seem so confusing. Yet, the Lord in His Word is continually urging us to make the right choice to follow Him. Why does this many times become so hard for us to do? Clearly this choice is wise, but why isn’t making this choice easy?

Sun, Nov 12, 2023
Source: New Church Westville Podcast

Do you seek the Lord on a regular basis? Are you eager to share with others the things you have learned from Him? The story of the woman at the well provides a wonderful example of how we can go about doing these two very important things!

Sun, Nov 05, 2023
Source: New Church Westville Podcast

Even in the darkest of times, there is light. And where there is light, there is hope.

Sun, Oct 29, 2023
Source: New Church Westville Podcast