This Sunday: Legitimate Authority

Sunday, 3 April - 9:30am

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We see so much abuse of power in the world—countless examples of people using their influence on other people in harmful ways. But what does legitimate authority look like? What sort of claims to authority by other people should we reject and resist and what ones should we comply with? And what kind of authority over other people should we aspire to? Let’s see what we can learn about this from the One who is all-powerful.

The service will be broadcast live at You can also watch the service later at that same link.

  • Song Lyrics
    We will have four songs during the service that you can sing along with at home. You can download the lyrics to the songs here.
  • Readings
    The readings for the service can be found here.
  • Sermon
    The written version of the sermon can be found here.
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