The mission of New Church Westville is to love the Lord Jesus Christ our God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength
and to love our neighbours as ourselves

We are part of a worldwide denomination called the New Church.


Our vision is to be a community that builds relationships…

  • …with the Lord:We each have an active relationship with the Lord – walking with Him, learning from Him and asking what He wants us to do, turning to Him in times of need and joy, and getting His help in turning away from what is harmful.
  • …with each other: We connect with each other, reaching out with warmth and sincerity to offer help, support, and guidance.
  • …within marriage: We support marriage as the most valuable human relationship, aiding people in preparation for marriage, strengthening existing marriages, and supporting marriages in crisis.
  • …with children: We care for children, educating them to see the Lord’s truth and nurturing them to make their own commitment to follow Him. We support parents in raising their children to follow the Lord and His commandments. We support children in finding their own sense of dignity and in developing their ability to form meaningful relationships in adult life.
  • …with the broader community: We have open arms to the broader community around us and want people to come join us. We are involved in the community around us and we do things to serve the people in the broader community.

What We Do

Every week we get together to worship and learn from the teachings of the Lord. (Read more about our beliefs.) This practise renews us in our commitment to reject what is harmful to ourselves and to others and to pursue the potential the Lord sees in us.

You’re invited to join us for worship any Sunday. Here’s what to expect and how to find us.

We also run a Christian pre-primary and primary school, called Kainon School.

And we do a bunch of other things.

Contact us for more information about any of these programmes or to get involved in what we’re trying to do in Westville.